Our Story

We live near the coast in South Devon with our 2 boys. We love spending time on the beach and in the sea, but hate seeing the plastic rubbish that is regularly washed up – it looks so out of place in such a naturally beautiful setting. We started reading up about plastic pollution and learnt how beach plastic is just a fraction of the problem. The realisation that every piece of plastic ever created still exists somewhere on the planet was a turning point for us. We wanted to do something to make a difference – to reduce the amount of plastic waste our family contributed, and help others to reduce their plastic waste too.

We set up Less Plastic in 2015 to raise awareness of the problems of plastic pollution, and offer reusable alternatives to disposable products to reduce the flow of plastic litter making its way into landfills and oceans. Our aim is to offer ideas and tips, including using things you already have in ways you hadn’t thought of before, to reduce your reliance on plastic, and help you live more sustainably. There are lots of alternatives to plastic for storing and taking food and drink on-the-go that we’ve found are more enjoyable to use, healthier for us, and most importantly, better for the planet. We hope you find some inspiration here to help you start living with less plastic.
Amanda & James Keetley
Directors, Less Plastic

Our Professional Background

Amanda has over 15 years marketing and communications experience working with businesses of all sizes, ranging from GE Capital and Aurora Fashions to smaller independently owned businesses based in South Devon. Less Plastic started as a part-time hobby, but quickly became an all-consuming obsession as she felt compelled to channel her strategic and creative skills into doing everything possible to raise awareness of the growing ocean plastic crisis and what steps we can all take to tackle it.

James has over 20 years of corporate experience working in procurement and supply chain, in many commercial and operational roles – most recently as a global director at Accenture. He’s currently working as an interim procurement consultant in the South West, providing invaluable insights and expertise for his clients, as well as for Less Plastic whenever required.