5 Ps to be a plastic game changer

5 steps to become a plastic game changer

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Most of us are now aware of the devastating impact of excessive global plastic consumption on our oceans. We’ve seen shocking images of albatross chicks with plastic in their stomachs and turtles eating plastic bags, or we’ve noticed the increase in plastic pollution on our local patch – in our streets, parks, rivers and beaches. We’re all responsible for this mess …

single-use plastic water bottle fragments on beach

Plastic Game Changer

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We have exciting news! We’ve just finished the outline for a brand new business book we’re working on to enable eco-conscious business leaders to make a HUGE difference to the ocean plastic crisis. The working title is: Plastic Game Changer: How to shrink your organisation’s plastic footprint, positively impacting ocean plastic & your bottom line. The book will appeal to Business Leaders …

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Less Plastic Talks and Workshops

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Want to make a difference to the ocean plastic crisis? You can make a huge impact by persuading your organisation to use less plastic – and we’re here to help you with your mission. Our talks and workshops share our 5 steps to become a Plastic Game Changer – which will enable you to accelerate your organisation’s plastic reduction efforts …