single-use plastic water bottle fragments on beach

Plastic Game Changer

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We have exciting news! We’ve just finished the outline for a brand new business book we’re working on to enable eco-conscious business leaders to make a HUGE difference to the ocean plastic crisis. The working title is: Plastic Game Changer: How to shrink your organisation’s plastic footprint, positively impacting ocean plastic & your bottom line. The book will appeal to Business Leaders …

9 ways to reduce plastic in your workplace

9 ways to reduce plastic in your workplace

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Businesses of all sizes are well-placed to make a HUGE difference when it comes to tackling the ocean plastic crisis. Whilst individual efforts to use less plastic add up over time, cutting plastic usage at a business-level results in significantly greater reductions in plastic waste and far-reaching consequences – creating a ripple effect of positive change among colleagues, customers, suppliers, …